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Can you quote repairs over the phone?

We are happy to quote a repair if you send us clear and detailed images via email: dollhospitalny@gmail.com


How long does it take to repair a doll?

The average repair takes 4-8 weeks, depending on the work that needs to be done.  If you have a child that needs their special friend back quickly, we will endeavor to accommodate you.


How do I ship my item/doll to you?

Click here (shipping) to print out a Repair Request and mailing label.  Follow all packing and shipping instructions thoroughly.


Can you tell me if my item/doll is worth repairing?

Sentimental value can far outweigh the fact that a doll is not worth anything in the reselling/collector market. Deciding to repair it is up to you. We can give you an estimate regarding the value of the doll which may or may not justify the cost of repair.  You may wish to repair it because it has sentimental value only.  Doll evaluation can be done over the phone if you have the number and name of the doll - otherwise it is recommended that you bring in the doll or send detailed photographs. 
Smoke Damage:  An estimate of repair for insurance purposes fee is $15.00. We clean most smoke damaged items - call for more information.

Do you repair porcelain dolls?

It depends on the amount of damage and the complexity of the repair which we will determine upon examining the doll.

Can you replace missing parts/arms/legs?

Yes, depending on the availability of parts. We keep an inventory of thousands of dolls and original parts.


Do you fix mechanical eyes that open/close?

Most of the time, yes. Sometimes we can only tell by removing the wig/pate at the top of the head to see if the internal structure is still intact.

Can we speak to the repair person?

Call 631-551-3518 - 10-4 Monday through Friday we are available for phone inquiries.

Can you remove ink and set in stains on Vinyl Dolls?

Yes, we have a process that in most cases will remove the ink and other difficult stains on vinyl dolls. However, it is not guaranteed since there is no way to determine the cause of the stain.  Some stains are not possible to remove.